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277 Village No. 2, Phutthabat Subdistrict, Chondan District, Phetchabun Province. Thailand

Why Choose Us

TAPP Seafood has a legacy of supplying different species of crabs and other sea foods from our warehouse in Thailand to restaurants, hotels and other areas of the world. This all began with the supply of Lobsters snd Shrimps.

We  have and sell wide variety of seafood products in bulk, medium an smaller quantities. Most popular seafoods that we deal with include; a variety of crabs, Crayish, Clams, Abalones, Mussels, Goose Barnacles, Scallops, Salmon, Oysters, Octopus, Sea Horses, Giant Alaskan King Crabs etc. Our delivery process is very flexible using the fastest shipping means possible.

We have been working directly with seafood farmers ensuring quality, reliability and sustainability of quality sea product

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Call: +66 916 986 121
WhatsApp: +66 639 068 083