WR Atlantic Mackerel

It is a fish type found in the both sides of North Atlantic and makes a school. They are caught when they become 500 g-1kg. The small ones are called “Tinker mackerel”. It migrates during spawning period and classifies as northern and southern mackerel, northern types spawn in North Sea and Skagerrak Strait (May-July) and the southern types spawn in Spain and Portugal (February-May). After spawning, they mixed in Norwegian waters and they stay here during winter and immigrate again during spawning period.

It has a thin skin and the back is green-blue with dark zigzags and briht silver color in belly, when this fish dies its color becomes dull. It is fatty and very tasty and contain high amounts of Omega 3.

It has a high commercial importance and caught acc to the regional quotas determined by ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea), the catching methods varies according to season by hook, gillnet, purse seine and trawls.

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Product Description

Product name Denizer Deep Frozen WR Atlantic Mackerel 20 kg
Latin name Scomber scombrus
Glazing rate 0%
Shelf life After production date, first 24 months
Size 200-400 g 300-500 g
Product description After catching, A. Mackerel is graded and packed with some water. After packing the product is freezed immediately.
Freezing type Semi BQF (Semi Block Quick Freezer)
Packing type 20 kg hand laid pack
Ingredients WR A. mackerel (%100)
Production type Farmed    /    Catch √ (FAO : 67 )    /    Value added
Origin Norway
Units per package 2-4: 65-70 pcs / 20 kg
3-5: 55-60 pcs/20 kg
Additives No chemical
Product type Whole round A. mackerel
Broken pieces 1-2 pcs / 20 kg
Appearence Brownish meat, bright skin, specific appearence
Smell Specific smell
Taste Specific, not bitter or sour, natural taste
Texture Strict, not dry
Average weight 2-4: 300 g
3-5: 400 g
Packing Client’s Request
Storage conditions Should transport and storage at min -18°C. Transportation should be without contamination and complete with no break of cold chain.
Outer package Original printing microwave corrugated cardboard box
Inner package PE inner bag