WR Blacksea European Anchovy

It can reach max 20 cm length and forms large schools. Catch by purse seines, beach seines and midwater trawl, can not catch with hook based on it is a small fish. It can tolerance to low salinity waters. It is considerable fatty and delicious fish.

Anchovy that we are used to consume as fresh in Turkey, is consumed as frozen, fresh and processed and also value added all around the world, so it takes the place of convenience food industry. At the same time it is foremost canned and marinated products.

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Product Description

Product name Denizer Deep Frozen WR Blacksea European Anchovy 10 kg
Latin name Engraulis encrasicolus
Additives No chemical
Glazing rate 0%
Size 100 pcs / kg
Product description After catching, anchovy is bulk packed on the sea without any treatment and freezed immediately.
Freezing type Semi BQF (Semi Block Quick Freezer)
Packing type 10 kg hand laid pack
Ingredients WR european anchovy (100%)
Production type Farmed    /   Catch √ (FAO : 37 )    /    Value added
Inner package PE inner bag
Units per package 100 pcs/kg
Outer package Min 4 colored printing microwave corrugated cardboard box (PAP)(38x53x8 cm)
Product type Whole round European anchovy
Broken pieces 5 pcs / 10 kg
Appearence Specific skin color and appearence
Smell Specific smell
Taste Specific, not bitter or sour, natural taste
Texture Strict, not dry
Average weight 10 g / kg
Shelf life After production date, first 18 months
Client’s request.
Storage conditions Should transport and storage at min -18°C. Transportation should be without contamination and complete with no break of cold chain